It's a short howto about situations which may happen when you're doing dumps cashout in a store.

Let's suppose you have a good dump and a well made plastic. But to be successful with it the in store carding you need to know some tips. Sometimes you can catch some problems like:


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If you are not sure card is alive, prepare a good reason to tell the clerk if the card gets declined. If the clerk seems to not suspect anything and your card gets declined you can try a second card, but if you see that clerk is on alert and he intend to call the bank or a supervisor, justpay him with cash. This will help you to look like a genuine customer who really wants to buy that merchandise. In case you don't have enough money to pay and clerk attitude is not ok - it's better to walk away. Tell him you're waiting a payment to your account and you will return as soon as money will be available on the account. Also "I will go to ATM " will work. You must have always control over your body and try to act like you would be shopping with your own card.

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Pick-up Card

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This is the type of situations must be avoided. It's one of the most bad things which can happen - a pick-up card bank response. There are not to many reasons and explanations to be given when the POS screen shows pick up card. But even in such a situation try to control yourself. Only confidence and self control will help. Think about that. How would you act if you'll get Pick-up response while using your real card? Most probably you'll say the seller to allow you to call your bank, right? So take your phone and pretend that you're calling bank. Act like you will be on phone with the bank and you're waiting to talk with customer service. Main while try to get yourself out from store. Do not run, most probably someone will catch you if you'll try to run. If you keep calm and try to act like a real costumer who try to use his own card, you have a chance to make the seller believe there is a misunderstanding.

If shit happens and you got caught

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Before you start work, think for few minutes "what if i get catch"? We recommend you to have a good plan and a well prepared speech. If you think you can't face an interrogation of police, better say nothing and take your time to arrange your ideas before you write any statement. Remember that is your right to remain silent. But once you are in the police station you must be prepare for worst. Never think "this won't happen to me". It's better to always have some money saved to a trusted person, if you got arrested you will need it. Better not to keep any evidences of your carding activity in the place you're living. For sure if police catch you they will search into your home. The less evidence they can get the bigger chance to get a smaller sentence on court.